The Wavegarden is on the forefront of man-made wave technology. A few days ago, they conducted a series of tests at the homebase in Spain. Their first test? Night surfing. With the help of a pretty insane lighting setup and Vincent Duvignac, big wave surfers Natxo Gonzalez and Axi Muniain and Zarautz local surfer Asier Maqueda, they re-invented surfing at night.
Instead of placing the lights outside the water, they fooled around with putting them under it. “Lighting the waves from underneath the water is a new concept and key to Wavegarden’s client proposition,” said Wavegarden’s CEO, Josema Odriozola. “We used software programs to modify the light coverage, intensity, and color. We even managed to install a light on the moving wavefoil to illuminate the wave for the entire length of the lagoon.”
Wavegarden’s night surfing test was documented by celebrated French surf photographer Greg Rabejac, who has been shooting surfers at night for over the past 3 years in France, Spain and Morocco.