IT’s cliché to say that sharks get a bad wrap. We can write that, say it, share the thought as much as we want but even in doing so there’s likely still more fear behind those words than pure respect and admiration. But can you blame us?
Ocean Ramsey doesn’t seem like the kind of person though. She believes all we have to do is change our association with sharks, and base our feelings toward them on science. In her case, her perception of the apex predators is shaped by adjectives like intelligent, strong, efficient and evolved. None of these words remind us of teeth. And because of it all Ramsey has been able to build her life’s work on showing the world a “different” side of an animal that’s been around for more than 400 million years. She studies their behavior, their interactions with other animals, and most importantly their relevance in our ecosystem.
In this TEDx speech, Ocean Ramsey equates sharks to the human body’s immune system. Did you ever consider how the removal of sharks could impact food systems on land? Or how coastal overfishing starts a domino effect that ends with food scarcity for land animals (eg: humans)? Either directly or indirectly, we all rely on the oceans. And Ramsey builds a strong case for how and why protecting sharks is a key to keeping the ocean healthy. This is well worth a watch if you’re open to changing that lingering fear into respect. And if that doesn’t work for you just watch her at work in the video below.