Owen Wright was a serious contender at Pipeline. With the waves forecasted to stay in the excellent range, Wright’s ability in big barrels is a serious threat to anyone who draws him in a heat. Unfortunately for Wright, after a wipeout during a free surf before the Pipe Invitational, he suffered a severe concussion and had to withdraw.
According to Rip Curl Team Manager Ryan Fletcher and the World Surf League, Wright’s wipeout gave him minor bleeding in the brain along with the concussion. While he will recover, he has been forced to withdraw from competition. His injury slots Mason Ho into round one of the Billabong Pipe Masters.
This Pipe season has been full of injuries. With larger-than-normal waves, the last few days have seen a variety of injuries, from Evan Geiselman’s near death wipeout to Mikala Jones’s face-tearing encounter with the reef.
Prior to his year-ending injury, Wright sat at number five in the world, and was one of the six contenders for the world title. Best wishes to Owen, and we’re hoping for a quick recovery.