Pushing 1.3 billion people and emerging as an economic and political giant, it seems China has come to occupy world news more and more often. We’re accustomed to seeing images of densely populated cities, shrouded in pollution, but the truth is that China is much, much more than that. As it turns out, China is riddled with waves, but it’s South China that has grabbed my attention.
For the last four years I’ve been traveling to China for WSL events, and I’ve been surprised time and time again by the quality and quantity of the surf there, not to mention the idyllic tropical nature of, for example, Hainan Island. China’s southernmost prefecture, closer to Vietnam than Beijing, is an archipelago of beautiful tropical islands. In addition to a variety of waves in the region, there’s a diverse natural and cultural experience to be had. With the crystal clear water and palm trees lining the beaches, it’s no wonder they often describe Hainan as the Chinese Hawaii. It’s all of these qualities which make South China an excellent venue for the WSL to wrap up the 2015 Longboard Tour. Congratulations to Australian Harley Ingleby for taking his second longboard world title.