Chippa Wilson is not your average surfer. He is highly progressive with above-the-lip antics. He has an artistic side. And his full-sleeve of tattoos scream energy-drink-loving dirtbike rider, rather than a salt-laden surfer. Yet still, Chippa is at the forefront of wave riding progression. And he also doesn’t forget to have fun.
In a short Instagram clip, we see Chippa at a SoCal surf spot, which is rife with sketchy rocks. So what does he do? Ollie over one notoriously known as the “cheese grader.” And that’s pretty damn punk rock. It’s nice to see something like this in a world vanilla surfers. It reminds me of Ozzie Wright’s section from the old surf flick Doped Youth (Ozzie literally dives face first onto a rock).
If your Internet browser doesn’t show the clip below (some sort of tech mumbo-jumbo that’s frankly beyond me), you can view it here.