Gabriel Medina does incredible things. He’s one of the very few guys on tour who is the complete package. The consistency, the wow factor, the hairless body… the world champ has it all. Not to mention his competitive fire is perhaps the most robust on tour. However, Gabriel Medina did the unthinkable yesterday. In round three of the 2015 Vans World Cup of Surfing, Gabriel added to the extensive list of mind-boggling maneuvers by riding out of floater that wasn’t previously believed to be in range of human capacity. That is, until now.
The wave starts around the 8:30 marker. 30 seconds from being eliminated from Sunset, Gabriel strokes into a roller, cranks a few turns, and then decides to float a section no one in their right mind ever think to float. Defying biology and every law of physics, Gabriel Medina fell several stories down and rode away from this floater without dying, making it the craziest floater in the history of competitive surfing. Oh, and he got the score he needed to get through to the next round. Gabriel Medina does it once again.