This is just absurd. In honor of the holidays, some Portuguese school teacher named Nuno Santos took to the water to perform his version of a Christmas tune. And by that, we mean Garret McNamara towed him into a hefty wall of water at one of the world’s most dangerous surf spots as Nuno plucked out “Jingle Bells” on his violin. Seriously…wtf.
But you gotta hand it Nuno. This certainly ain’t easy (or sane, but whatevs). He’s a passionate musician with an affinity for large surf, too. His goal, reports, is to play his fiddle in the most extreme environments – a blending of his thrillseeking and musical passions. And it wasn’t just some willy-nilly, foolish operation. He prepared for this.
Nuno has been practicing “resistance, strength training and flexibility training. If I hit the water challenging myself – and not Nature – and if my intentions are good, I have greater chances of success. You need to be humble and receive this gift of Nature.”