Why Netflix and chill when you can View from a Blue Moon and chill? The answer is quite simple, really. When you VFABM and chill, that’s what you will actually do – as opposed to embarking on a foreplay journey while old episodes of The Office play in the background.
View from a Blue Moon, the greatest addition to the surf cinema canon of all time from John John Florence and Blake Kueny, is now available for your blue moon viewing pleasure in your home sanctuary. Missed one of the global premiers? No worries. Blast that puppy on your big screen at home, on your iPad while you’re sitting on the toilet, or even in your car as a pre-surf pump up.
There’s even a limited edition bundle for the uber fans, featuring VFABMswag – a 315-page coffee table book, Hurley Phantom JJF II boardshorts, a Nixon watch, Stance socks, Spy sunglasses, and a customVFABM flexfit hat. (Sadly, there are no t-shirts or coffee mugs emblazoned by John John’s moppy head…but, you know, feel free to make those at your leisure). And all the proceeds go to good causes – the North Shore Junior Lifeguards and the Friends of Sunset Beach.
Where else are you going to see a film that boasts a list of accredited “actors” featuring John C. Reilly of Step Brothers fame in the middle of JJF and Kelly Slater?
Don’t be dumb. Own a piece of surf cinema history. Netflix and chill is for Tinder weirdos and people who are too awkward to use their words, like normal humans, to get the opposite sex in bed.
For digital download, go here. For all your other purchasing needs (like a Blu-ray stocking stuffer!!!) go here.