Isn’t that just about the coolest lil’ surfer dude you’ve ever seen? Photo: @BethanyHamilton
Even before he was born, Bethany Hamilton’s son, Tobias, was getting barreled. Literally. While she was pregnant, Bethany was charging Teahupoo. Talk about starting ’em young!
Then in June Bethany and her husband Adam Dirks welcomed Tobias into the world. Whether he liked it or not, Tobias has been tossed into a life of all things ocean. Even before the little guy could walk, he has been perfecting his stance on surf craft. And judging by Momma’s Instagram account, Tobias is well on his way to becoming a world class surfer.
Who needs surf trunks when you've got a pair of Huggies?
Who needs surf trunks when you’ve got a pair of Huggies?
Future World Champion?
Don’t let that cute chubby face fool you. This could be the future World Champion.
Oh, and just in case you missed it, Bethany just towed into somemoderately sized waves at a little place called Jaws.
One day, Tobias will there as well. But until then he’s gonna be hearing a lot of this on the playground – “Your mom’s a badass!”