Surfboards are forever in flux. From twin fins to thrusters, wooden planks to foam and fiberglass. As the sport of surfing evolves and technology advances, the boards keep adapting to facilitate higher performance and increased shred-a-bility.
The latest development in surfboard shaping evolution comes from revered foam whisperer Darren Handley and his industry-beloved DHD Surfboards. What’s new? In one mutated, new word to add to the surfing lexicon: “epoxicore.” It’s a hybrid technology expected to revolutionize previous surf-related qualms including board durability and responsiveness. And like a sleek new incarnation of the iPhone, the boards just look more futuristic.
“We have produced a revolutionary new surfboard construction combining the positive attributes of both traditional fibreglass and epoxy,” Handley writes in an Instagram post. “The result, a surfboard that truly stands alone.”
And Handley has a top tier team of testers to give the new tech a go in the field. Pros like Jack FreestoneSteph Gilmore, and Mick Fanning are all “working” behind-the-scenes with the updated board design. 
“Iv [sic] been lucky enough to be the tester for this new revolutionary piece of equipment and all I can say is this board will change everything,” says Freestone.
But alas, it must be mentioned that this hybrid technology of foam-meets-epoxy wasn’t pioneered by Handley and his team. Other folks have been playing around with it for a while. Take, for example, the highly anticipated release of Slater Designs. Firewire, Tomo Surfboards, and Webber Surfboards – all involved with Kelly’s endeavor – each have dabbled in epoxy, which Greg Webber introduced to the industry.
And the more of the world’s best shapers dealing with cutting-edge technology, the better, right? Or maybe it doesn’t matter – soon we’ll all be riding hoverboards anyway. Elon Musk, looking at you, man.