Manny parts of the world are having a solid start to 2016. In terms of waves, that is. There ar plenty of negative global issues to dwell on, bum you out, etc. But, on the brighter side, El Niño is here and the boy has been providing fun surf in many far reaches.
Check out the edit above from our friends over at aptly-titled (minus the typo…you’ll know it when you see it), “Pulsing in Paradise – Honolulu Bay 2016.” The lineup looks more crowded than Six Flags theme park on a Sunday, but the conditions couldn’t be much better. Plenty of waves, plenty of tubes. Local Maui boys are out there getting a piece of the action like Dusty Payne (check out his heaving barrel to close out the clip starting at the 3:05 mark). It’s moments like this that take your mind off some of the slew of negative shit that has happened in 2016 already…looking at you, North Korea.