When Adam Coleman and Dean Lucas disappeared in Mexico a few months ago, the surf world collectively held their breath.The Australian pair were on a surf road trip that they started in Canada. After they made their way down the coast and spent a few days in Las Vegas, they drove into Mexico. It was there, on a deserted road in Sinoloa, that they were robbed at gunpoint, then shot to death. Theirtorched van was found by Mexican authorities, and the bodies inside were eventually confirmed as the missing duo.
A few days ago in Secret Harbour, just south of Perth, a massive paddle out was held for them. Hundreds of surfers paddled out in a touching tribute. There have been multiple paddle outs held in Mexico, Australia, and the United States, but this one was by far the largest.
Authorities have arrested three men for the murders, but two more are still on the run. Prosecutors told reporters that the two other suspects who are on the run are “part of a criminal group dedicated to vehicle thefts, drug dealing and with a history of committing murders.”