Every now and then, life can smack you in the face. You can be on top of the world, only to be knocked down to the proverbial (or in some cases, the actual) gutter. But it’s how you bounce back from the hardships that shows true strength. In the words of the people’s life coach and serial snapchat fiend DJ Khaled, “they don’t want you to eat breakfast.” (Read: “succeed.”)
After a few years of sinking into surf obscurity, Bruce Irons is on one helluva fairytale comeback. He got picked up by RVCA. He was granted awildcard entry into the Billabong Pipeline Masters (in memory of Andy). And his surfing has never been better. This season on the North Shore has been like a reintroduction to the world he briefly left, a comeback tour, a demonstration of his innate comfort on surf craft looking at once graceful and cocky, in total control yet reckless like a rockstar.
The above clip from reaffirms Bruce’s return. It’s like a nostalgic throwback to The Bruce Movie, only the clip comes from the other day during the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout. While the contest was underway, Bruce snuck down the beach to Off the Wall and scored arguably the best waves of the day (the winter!?), affirming the fact that Bruce is back. Or did he ever leave?