Don’t believe everything you see, folks. I was reminded of this saying early this morning when effects specialist Dru Adler posted what appeared to be a clip of a surfer stomping the first-ever backside flip on Instagram. Later, he confessed it was indeed fake.
“It’s not real,” said Dru on his Instagram. “Sorry, I thought it would be funny. Turns out it looks a bit too real! Mucking around with my digital media effects. But I’ve always wanted to pull it. Hoping it’ll inspire!”
I must admit, Dru sure had me convinced. I wanted so bad for surfing to go in a skatey direction that I didn’t even want to entertain the possibility of it being fake. We apologize for the misinformation, and we will continue to seek out news and updates in the surf and outdoor space with an unwavering commitment to accuracy in timely reporting.
But hey, if Dru’s coaching career doesn’t pan out, perhaps he has a future in Hollywood with special effects. Certainly has that game on point. Nonetheless, I’m still waiting anxiously for someone to pull this off. Mason? John John? Chippa? Meola? Any takers?