ICYMI, the Goldie has been pumping. From Snapper Rocks and Burleigh Heads to Snapper again, the New Year has been off to a mighty good start in Australia, surf wise at least. But with good waves come hungry crowds, the proverbial bane of all things “stoke.”
But leave it to The Mad Hueys to brave the amusement park filled with sweaty humans, which they call a “lineup,” with a smile. That crew of beer-swilling, belly-laughing, barrel-obsessed, fishing-infatuated Aussie hellmen have more fun than anybody else wherever they are, even if it’s right at home. And it doesn’t hurt that they have a jet ski – careening towards a clump of people with a couple hundred horse power is an effective way to make a crowd disperse. Meanwhile your mate steps off the back into an uninhibited tube.
In addition to skis, they’ve got other goodies goin’ for them. GoPros, drones…looks like Santa was good to The Mad Hueys this year