WeAreSurfers has featured all sorts of furry animals enjoying the one thing we all can’t live without. From dogs, goats, mice, pigs, and even an alpaca, it seemed as if no living thing was safe from being consumed by the addicting fun the ocean offers. Everything but cats, right? Cats hate water, let alone the ocean. Wrong. Meet Nankuli, a one-eyed feline who appears to be completely unfazed with being in the ocean.
Nankuli, known as Kuli, is a cat from Honolulu, Hawaii who has been surfing with owners Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton for a little over a year after being rescued. The one-eyed moggy, whose name means to look blind, was adopted weighing only one pound, but has since become quite the ocean enthusiast. To all you non-surfers who have been wanting to learn: If a cat can do it, so can you.