Part of the allure and popularity of GoPros and action cams in general these days is their affordability and simplicity. With a few hundred dollars you have a compact and straightforward HD camera. But add on a few accessories, specialized mounts, cases, tripods, monopods and any other form of equipment you can think of and things will get out of hand quickly. This part of the equation isn’t cost efficient for the videographer on a budget. And for the traveler in all of us it can also defeat the purpose of having a pocket sized camera when you need to pack a backpack’s worth of mounts just to use it.
Some people are determined to beat the system though. So here we have the simplest, cheapest and smallest floating GoPro mount you can imagine. Because dropping your camera in the water is neither fun nor cheap. All you need is your standard mount, a 1/8″ bolt and nuts, a 1/8″ rubber washer, some rubber glue, and the kicker…a plastic coke bottle cap. It turns out coke bottles are universal, with the same thread and size across the world. So all you need to pack is the bottle cap mount and when you’re filming on the go fish out a plastic coke bottle. Viola.