If I had a nickel for every time somebody told me “surfing’s not a sport, it’s more of an art”…well, I’d have enough money to buy one of these surfboards. Boom-Art is French based gallery that has an appreciation for surfing and skateboarding that only rivals its appreciation for art. And while most doodling on surfboards looks like a first grader’s finger painting, their work comes out a little closer to something that belongs in a real museum. They publish limited edition boards that often pay homage to some of the most influential artwork in history.
For example, one series of boards is dedicated entirely to recreating 18th century Japanese works like Courtesan by Katsushika Hokusai (1802), Poetess by Hokusai (1806), The Dragon King’s Jewel by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1840), The Prostitute of Eguchi by Hokusai (1810),Octopus by Kuniyoshi (1839), and The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wifeby Hokusai (1814). That series of boards in particular ranges in price from just over $2,000 to a little over $4,000.
The coolest part of it all is while the boards come with the hardware you’ll need to hang them on your wall they’re actually surfable. Boom-art teams up with the manufacturer UWL workshop to get their hand shaped polyester canvases. But each design is limited to just 10 boards, so we’re not exactly working with stamped out reprints coming off the factory line. Surf it or hang it, these are pretty cool.