A Few weeks ago, it was announced that Pipeline superstar Jamie O’Brien received an invite to the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational. According to Riptide Mag, it caused quite the stir in boogie circles. O’Brien, though, proved he was worth the invite. He won the stand-up division of the trials.
J.O.B is much more than just a surfer. He rides all sorts of waves on all sorts of crafts. In fact,  he used to compete as a bodyboarder. “I started booging when I was a little kid,” he told APB. “I won all kinds of events and Nationals as a bodyboarder and never won that on a short board.”
Some of Hawaii’s best bodyboarders were competing against Jamie O’Brien, but he went on to overcome them on the first day of the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational trials at Keeaa’s. In a final including Mack Crilley, Sammy Morretino, and Alan Lamphere, O’Brien found two barrels and pulled down 18.6 points.