Thousands of people across 52 beaches around the globe have created the world's largest fluro wave to raise awareness for mental health.

The event organized by OneWave broke the previous record of 31 beaches set last year. Starting at 6:30 am, thousands of fluorescent supporters linked arms along the shoreline to give people hope they can beat mental health issues through surfing, saltwater therapy, and shiny colors.
Bondi Beach was awash with fluro. The wave spanned along the iconic beach, and went viral on social media with hundreds of photos posted within the hour describing the event as "goosebumpy."
"Thanks to all the amazing humans for letting people know it's totally okay not to be okay, and ask for help," said Grant Trebilco, founder of OneWave. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the suicide rate is at its highest in 13 years.
OneWave's Fluro day: in Australia, the suicide rate is at its highest in 13 years
"Today was all about shining the light upon mental health, demonstrating that mental health is real, and it's time to talk about it. With one in five people experiencing issues with their mental health, but with 65 percent of such persons avoiding seeking help, this is something we need to change dramatically", added Joel Pilgrim, surfing manager at One Wave.
OneWave is well known for their Fluro Fridays, a creative event that has spread from Bondi Beach across four continents, raising awareness for mental health by surfing in fluorescent clothes and wetsuits.
Access to the ocean hasn't stopped landlocked countries participating with Whistler Mountain Canada, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and the Eiffel Tower in Paris all hosting fluro birthday celebrations.