Longboarding isn’t something that I ever thought I’d get into.Surprisingly, though, I have. When I was younger, I flopped around on smaller days, paddling my ass off, pumping desperately down the line until the wave finally laughed me off. Still, I scoffed at longboarders as they effortlessly cruised along; two quick strokes to get in followed by a few nimble steps and a few more graceful turns. “Fucking kooks,” I thought. “Learn to surf.”
How wrong I was. In the last three-going-on four years, I’ve become a bit of a convert. I still ride shortboards, mid-lengths. and whatever else I can get my hands on–the day dictates board, I think–but longboards have a certain something that isn’t found in any other surfboard. It’s a slowness mixed with a quickness, a juggernaut-ish momentum tempered by big, arcing turns and a kind of flow that just isn’t possible on anything else.
Corey Colapinto has it nailed. In a pastime where style lends itself to functionality, Colapinto blends classic style, performance, and a dash of his own flair. It’s a beautiful thing to watch… unless you’re a crusty old shortboarder that refuses to try anything else and judges anyone who does.