on the surface, big wave surfing and professional basketball really don’t have much in common. One sport is performed far off shore and requires a board and maybe a jet ski, and the other is performed on a court surrounded by spectators and requires a ball and a hoop.
While there are plenty of differences between the sports, the spirit of their respective athletes is shockingly similar. In this case, Laird Hamilton and Joakim Noah are two incredibly fit, incredibly driven athletes who just want to be the best. Their mutual respect and determination make them perfect training partners. As Hamilton puts it,
“I think part of the reason I’m able to push him, is well first of all, I would never subject him to anything I wouldn’t implement for myself. I’m coming from a real genuine point of view.”
Although sadly Noah is out for the rest of this season due to a shoulder injury, if he’s got the fighting spirit to keep up with Laird, I have no doubt he’ll be back on the court in no time.