Whether you're crossing sunny California in a Cadillac Cabriolet or tracking the waves of the South of France in a Volkswagen Westfalia, surf music is a great company. The tunes of summer remember you of the greatest moments you lived chasing waves and what is yet to come.

Surf music has been born in the 60's. Fifty years have passed, but the greatest surf songs are still cool, smooth and enthusiastic. Add them to you MP3 playlist and listen to them again while driving with your friends and family, by the seaside.

The Bel Airs are considered one of most important icons of surf music and "Mr. Moto" is the perfect tune for a summer surfing day. Even the youngest groms will get the song in their head forever. "Wipe Out", by The Surfaris, is an awesome experience for those seeking constant adrenaline. The music phrases are quite catchy and will soon force you to hit the waters.

"Pipeline" was a huge hit in the early 60's. The Chantays had the feel and look of the surfing community and captured the essence of the famous wave into a great song. The Trashmen merged two different songs by The Rivingtons to create the crazy "Surfin' Bird". The tune reached the fourth position of the Billboard chart in 1963 and the third place in the UK, in 2010.

Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys were the ambassadors of surfing in the 60's and their music will last forever in the heart of surfers. "Surf's Up" and "Surfin' Safari" are only two outstanding songs of their long list of surf music themes.

Dick Dale & His Del-Tones brought us a version of an oriental melody. That is "Miserlou" a solo instrumental guitar piece that quickly became a surf anthem. More recently, in the 90's, the song was featured in the famous movie "Pulp Fiction".

"California Dreamin'" was a huge surf hit in 1965. The Mamas & The Papas created a story of a man in a cold winter dreaming about the warm temperature of California. The overall spirit of the song is inspiring to all surfers and was even played and re-recorded by The Beach Boys.

In the last years, two songs have truly recreated the surf feeling of summer time. "Surf Wax America", by the surf rockers Weezer, and "Let's Go Surfing", by The Drums, send us all to the best place on Earth - the wave peak. get the mp3 below.

The ultimate surf music playlist:
"Guitar Noir" - Aqua Velvets
"Church Key" - Dave Myers and The Surftones
"Let's Go Trippin'" - Dick Dale and His Del-Tones
"You And Your Heart" - Jack Johnson
"Surf City" - Jan and Dean
"Rumble At Waikiki" - Jon and The Nightriders
"My Beach" - Surf Punks
"Bombora" - The Atlantics
"Surfin' USA" - The Beach Boys
"Mr. Moto" - The Challengers
"Pipeline" - The Chantays
"Hanging Five" - The Delltones

"Shoot The Curl" - The Honeys
"Surf Rider" - The Lively Ones
"Out Of Limits" - The Marketts
"Gypsy Surfer" - The Phantom Surfers
"Apache" - The Shadows
"The Curl Rider" - The Surf Raiders
"Wipe Out" - The Surfaris
"Surfin' Bird" - The Trashmen
"Walk Don't Run" - The Ventures
"Summerland Road" - Tom Curren
"Surf Wax America" - Weezer