Evian just dropped a banger edit. Everything about it (except the plastic bottles that kill the ocean) is good. Kookish surfer guy bangs his head on his board as fate demands, and he’s rescued by a troupe of surfing babies at a spot Evian calls “Baby Bay.”
Writes Evian: “The most amazing surf spot in the world: all surfers are babies!”
Imagine that for a second.
Innocence and wonder. Inexplicable crying and whining. Fierce territorial tendencies. Involuntary peeing. Sounds a lot like surfing already.
But Evian really pulled out all the stops here. They even partnered with Quiksilver to create a 360 virtual baby surfing experience and a wholeline of apparel to support this Baby Bay movement. Think of it what you will, but, I’m not going to look at a fridge full of overpriced, plastic-polluting bottled water the same again. I’ll just think of Baby Bay. And that will make me smile.
And maybe I’ll buy both of these shirts. That will make people smile too.