For a lot of people, getting out of bed in the morning sucks. It’s always worth it, though, especially if the waves are good. That few minutes of bleary-eyed, grumpy discomfort only lasts for a short time, and when you get out of the water while the sun is still low in the sky with a pocket full of good waves, the rest of your day is just so much better. Lucky for you, a new app called Wave Alarm will rouse you from your slumber and kick your lazy ass into gear–but only if you live in Australia.
The idea, formed by a lawyer/surfer named Hamish Geddes, was developed into an app by a Newcastle-based company called Mirk. Although it’s a little more complicated than simply setting your alarm clock, Wave Alarm has one really good thing going for it: if the waves suck, it won’t go off. Using almost 14,000 data streams, the user sets their spot, enters the conditions that would create the waves they want to surf, including swell direction and size and wind, then sets the alarm and goes to sleep. Should everything come together, the alarm goes off. Should everything fall apart, you get to sleep in.
“It works in the background checking the weather throughout the night and then it’ll check the weather at your alarm time and if the parameters line-up with what you selected your alarm goes off,” Geddes told The Newcastle Herald.
The app launched a few weeks ago, but is still in somewhat of a test-phase. According to the Herald, more than 100 people are using it, and updates to the program are already being made.
Unfortunately, though, the app is only available in Australia. Hopefully, it will soon be available to the rest of the late-risers in the world.
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