The ocean is a miraculous place. There is so much of it that man hasn’t seen or explored that few things can capture our imagination like getting a glimpse of life beneath the surface.
Maybe it’s that we weren’t made to function underwater. We don’t have gils. We don’t have webbed feet or flippers. We can’t even see clearly underneath the surface without the help of manmade tools. So it’s safe to assume there will always be a level of fascination that comes with simply stepping into the ocean, no matter how familiar or comfortable it becomes. The 11th edition of the Underwater Competition Seriescaptures this. With photographers from all over the world capturing moments from their own time underwater, Our World Underwater and DEEP Indonesia have become the self proclaimed “Super Bowl” of underwater photography. The photos here were some of the best from this year’s competition.
Call it what you will, take a stroll through these images and count how many times you have to remind yourself to breathe again. These are incredible.