Walking out of the Norman Manley airport I heard reggae music blaring from a taxi and felt the sea breeze mixing with the smell of burning foliage. The sun was beating down overhead. This was my first impression of Kingston, Jamaica. The scene was everything I would hope to find on a tropical surf vacation, but I wasn’t there to relax. I was there to discover the Jamaican surf scene, and why I’d heard so little about it.
Everything I had heard of revolved around the legend, Billy “Mystic” Wilmot and his family of surfers. Jamnesia, their surf camp, is located just outside Kingston, where guests and locals alike surf, chill, and enjoy the Jamaican lifestyle. The land of Jah has been blessed with world-class waves and a thriving surf scene that is thriving. Now, Billy and theJamaican Surf Association are trying to ensure the sport of surfing for future generations.