mOre than half the time when you see dogs surfing, they look terrifiedSure, some of them might not be, but there are a few owners out there that might force it a bit. It’s reasonable, too… if a dog owner who surfs love both surfing and his dog, it’s fair to assume that he’d want his dog to have as much fun as possible. Some dogs, though, LOVE it. Like Ash, a three-year-old Staffy from Cronulla Beach.
Ash’s owner, Paul, is a firefighter from Wooloware, New South Wales. And he’s not only concerned with Ash’s fun, he’s concerned about her safety. “We will not put Ash out in surf if I can’t have my feet on a sand bank so I can help her over the waves,” he told The Quint. “If the surf’s too big she also will sit it out, but it doesn’t stop her from having fun on the water’s edge. Ash is a good swimmer but when she does surf she wears a life jacket especially for dogs as a precaution as she does go under and it just helps her get up quicker.”
Ash started copying Paul, his wife, and their three kids when she was just a puppy. The whole family shares a passion for the ocean, and their canine companion is hell-bent on sharing it with them. If she can’t get in the ocean, she’ll sit outside under the sprinkler. Surfing and dogs: two of the world’s best things.