I've always been keen on traveling and using life experiences to build my skill set in creative ways. However, there’s a common belief that working and traveling are not compatible. Some believe spending too much time having fun can hinder your career progress. That, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth. Recently, I wrote an article that argued why surfing and traveling can make you better at your job.
In March of 2016 I booked a one-way flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast to attend a weekend pharmacy conference. With not much planned and no work for a month I had an idea. Instead of booking a flight home I bought a second-hand 2004 Volkswagen Transporter and decided to make a road trip of it. I created a makeshift bedroom and office and drove over 2,500 miles the following three weeks to chase waves and catch up with friends down the East Coast of Australia.
Since returning to Melbourne I have started working on the van to make it my mobile home. Check out the video to see how the bed base and storage unit was created. Thanks to Jack Biilmann for the epic backing track.