Gabriel Medina has been putting on an air show for the ages in Rio. The backflip was crazy enough. But the most impressive bit of it all is the consistency in which Gabs is sticking anything and everything he feels like right now. Well, he just added another perfect 10 to the list in Round 4 heat against Michel Bourez and Jack Freestone, stomping out a backside 360 (5:05) and adding his now standardized #NoBigDeal claim (time to mix it up?).
Is this the first 360 we’ve ever seen? Of course not. But this isn’t some boat trip free surf with a bunch of pros trying to get Insta clips. The former world champ is doing this stuff in competition, which takes some serious confidence to even attempt with scores on the line. The ease to which he’s stomping these out is what’s really impressive. Gabs is in a groove. He may have been deep on the leaderboard coming into Rio but I think it’s safe to say this just became Medina’s contest for the taking.