I used to hate longboarding. I didn’t ever ride one, but I hated it. “Fuckin’ longboarders,” I used to grumble. “Ride a REAL surfboard.” Meanwhile, I’d be flapping around on a 5’10 in knee high waves, not catching anything because of my pride. So dumb. Since I decided to start riding longboards when the waves dictated it, I’ve become a convert. More waves is more fun than less waves, I like more fun better than less fun.
Kelly’s wave is awesome. It’s a work of mechanical genius. All the same, it has a long list of detractors, mostly just on faceless internet comment boards. It’s the same as shortboarders hating on longboarders: if you don’t like riding a longboard, don’t do it. If you don’t want to surf on man-made waves, don’t do it. You don’t like watching pro surfing, don’t watch it. Just shut up and surf, as they say. Here are two things that take a lot of shit for no good reason smashed together into one clip: a longboard and Kelly’s wave. And it is awesome.