Yep, that actually happened. Just a couple of weeks ago, Kelly Slater was cruising around the globe with Chris Hemsworth and stealing Thor’s hammer (which he apparently sold on eBay).
Surf buddy to the stars.
Now he can add A-list tattoo artist to the resume. The story goes a girl’s night out involving Kelly’s girlfriend, Kalani, Miley Cyrus, and a short list of other friends turned into one of those group bonding moments where everybody gets matching tattoos. The design they picked out? A simple little single line scribble of a wave, drawn by the King himself.
Slater’s longtime girlfriend Kalani Miller wrote on Instagram: “👯👯When girls night starts out like this…Thank you @laurenwinzer for the new 🌊 ink! And the boo @kellyslater for the scribble 🤓
So from here until the end of times whenever Miley Cyrus is on live television and inevitably flashes the goods for the all the world to see, you can play “spot Kelly’s tattoo.”
It just goes to show even rock stars want surfers to help make them cooler. And in commentary of the tattoo itself, let’s all just agree that we see at least two people rocking the minimalist wave ink in the lineup every week. So there’s nothing to hate on there.