Yes, it is possible to accumulate 11-World Titles, star in an awesome 90’s television show, date a roster of supermodels and Hollywood starlets, see the entire world, own your own freaking wave, a surfboard company for your own endless supply of boards to ride said wave, a clothing line and a list of other businesses all before your 50th birthday and still have a few “must do” accomplishments left on your list. The sad thing here is I just tried to sum up Kelly Slater’s lifetime achievements in one fairly shallow sentence. But at face value it’s a fair representation of how the Average Joe can look at the coolest bald guy ever. He’s always been the guy who had it all, in a sense. That’s part of our draw to him. But lately it seems like Kelly Slater’s taken a very literal step into that title – “the guy who has (and does) it all.”
It turns out while Kelly was out winning life the past few decades there was a point where learning to fly worked its way onto the bucket list.  Now he can put an x next to that one, having logged his first four hours of flight time. But maybe the coolest part of it all wasn’t so much just that Kelly’s out learning to fly airplanes, but he’s doing it in rad Kelly fashion. His first lesson took place during flyovers of “Surf Ranch,” the manmade wave that he owns, as well as its massive neighboring solar panel field powering it all (also Kelly’s), dressed head to toe in threads from his clothing line.
Classic Kelly.