Having a shaper who rips might be important to you. That’s understandable. And if that’s the case, it’s kinda hard to beat Slater Designs. First, obviously there’s Kelly Slater leading the charge there. We’ll not waste pixels explaining his credentials. But, then, there’s Daniel Thomson, or Tomo. And holy crap, if you didn’t know, this fella rips. And in the video above, we see him give the Omni a thorough romp.
Apparently, it’s Kelly go-to at J-Bay, Japan, and was in Australia last year, and Tomo says it needs a bit of shape in the wave to really sing – working in swell between 2’ – 8’. He advises to order it about 5” shorter than your standard shortboard.
Says Tomo of the Omni, “Personally, it’s my favorite. I love the way it hacks a really tight arc in the lip, and carries so much front foot speed and drive with that straight rail line through the front of the board. It has so little resistance on the front foot. You just fly down the line.”