Tired of early morning plane rides that force you to spend more time in an airport and on a plane than actually in the city you’re heading? A new way to travel has come online known as the ‘Sleep Bus,’ where for $48 each way, passengers can zonk out in San Francisco and end up in LA the next morning or vice versa.
The Sleep Bus is fully outfitted for sleeping and each passenger gets their own sleep cove with wifi connection. The bus leaves from either city at 11pm and arrives at 5 or 6 am the next morning, and you’re ready to roll straight to a dawn patrol–especially if you stashed your board below. “It would basically be like you teleported to L.A.,” entrepreneur Tom Curriersaid recently of his overnight bus service venture.
The service is scheduled to run for the next couple of weeks as Sleep Bus tests out its concept but Currier expects to have another one of the Volvo busses he’s outfitted  up and running soon thereafter. But the spaces are booking fast. And the venture makes big time monetary sense for those commuting. You’d be hard-pressed to find a hotel for $48 a night that didn’t also rent it’s rooms at–ahem–an hourly rate. And airplane tickets between the two cites are usually between $130 and $300, that’s before you include taxis or parking. Expect more busses to start running in cities around the country.