This video is far too long. It’s like waiting for dessert when dinner is something that you don’t like all that much, but you don’t hate it, either. To be fair, though, it probably wasn’t made for general public consumption. Instead, it was most likely just a couple of friends who filmed a weekend full of fun little left and average-joe surfing. Until (and it’s a very big until) the 4:48 mark, when the video goes from pretty-fun-but-nothing-to-write-home-about to completely-and-utterly-awesome. Second best time marker is at 5:09, when guy in blue wetsuit completely gives up and throws himself onto the mercy of fate. It is a few seconds of pure, unadulterated awesome. Unless, of course, anyone got hurt. Then it’s not all that awesome… but let’s just imagine no one did, because it’s much more fun that way