For a little more than a year now Sofia Mulanovich has been mentoring Peru’s next wave of talented surfers. Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich is the big wave surfer’s academy where a dozen young athletes have been training with everything from surf coaches to sports psychologists. And it’d be hard to imagine more of a landmark moment for the local crew than introducing their students to the spot where Peruvian legends are born – Pico Alto.
Earlier this week, the Proyecto kids made headlines with one of their own, 13-year old Daniella Rosas becoming the youngest woman to ever surf here. The students are anywhere between 10 and 15 years old, which is pretty cool when you flash back to whatever you were doing before or during middle school. Personally, I wasn’t sending it on waves four times my size. I certainly wasn’t paddling out to places that appear on the WSL’s Big Wave Tour calendar. But these kids are. And that’s awesome.
The pictures were impressive enough, but the video of the whole squad charging on a pretty solid day does them real justice.