If you are involved in the surf world, or even if you are not, chances are you have heard something about Bethany Hamilton as of late.After getting the wildcard bid for the Fiji Women’s Pro, Hamilton finished in third place, taking down the women’s leader board frontrunner of the time, Tyler Wright, as well as Stephanie Gilmore (no easy task). She did all of this, of course, with just one arm.
The surf community has voiced its praise, culminating in Kelly Slater’s latest Instagram championing Hamilton’s performance and determination as “arguably unparalleled in men’s or women’s sport.” But Hamilton has been working on more than just garnering admiration from the surf community.
Introducing the Bethany Hamilton Damon™ Smile Emoji keyboard.
Oh yes. Hamilton is apparently an advocate for Damon Smile, the company behind the idea for the keyboard. At age 14, Hamilton received “Damon Braces” and credits the braces with giving her the smile and confidence necessary to continue her surf career after the shark attack. So now we know who to thank for that big smile. Damon™.
Back to the keyboard. With 21 new emojis, this is kind of a must-have for any self-respecting surfer. Sure, when a friend texts if you are on the way to meet them you could always send a simple “yes.” But how much more fun would it be to send an emoji of Bethany Hamilton whizzing down the street on a skateboard with the wind idyllically blowing through her hair? That’s a rhetorical question.
Whatever you prefer, it is undeniable that Bethany Hamilton is achieving some amazing things at this moment. I wish I could somehow convey how I feel about all her recent achievements…