Teach a man to fish…You know where this is going. South African real estate agent Grant Campbell thought he was simply enjoying a beautiful day on his boat until, a little more than a mile from shore, he noticed something in the water.
“2km out to sea I see this man fishing for dinner, I couldn’t believe it …Tractor tyre and a pair of flippers, I had to give him some of our fishes for his hard work !!!,” Campbell posted on his Facebook, along with photos of his new friend floating in the middle of the Indian ocean atop a tire, wearing neon flippers as the propellers to his makeshift boat, all while hanging a fishing line over the side.
That takes dedication. Two kilometers worth of flutter kicks. Not to mention, from the looks of his inflatable vessel this might not have been dude’s first time. Either this guy was on a serious mission to catch some dinner or he really needed to get out of the house – either of which being reasonable justification for going through so much effort. And Campbell didn’t even address whether or not he gave his newfound friend a lift back to shore. For all we know he just took his gift and went right back to reeling in a couple more of his own.
Living the dream.
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