Most 60-year-olds might spend their time playing golf, drinking prune juice and enjoying retirement. This one prefers tearing up his local skate park. Neal Unger was born in 1957, in Anaheim, Calif. He began surfing when he was nine, and later skating, which he fell in love with. A relationship the Southern Californian has kept fresh his entire life.
Skateboarding is deeply engrained in his persona, and in interviews, he intermittently finds parallels with skating in his own life. In one of the following clips, Unger takes a nasty spill. He then addresses it by saying, “Whiping out is so beautiful. You have to destroy to create new space.”
No doubt nuggets of knowledge like that are why Unger has gained notoriety from social media along with his Youtube channel, where he houses his videos. He’s been featured on Thrasher and owns a small skateboard company called Old Skateboads.
Take a gander at these videos where he showcases his unique style and offers insight into why skating holds such a special place in his life. It’ll inspire you to never quit doing what you love. Because you just don’t age when you go this hard.