Nathan Ledyard is a San Diego native who creates art depicting waves and ocean scenes. His unique style combines the beauty of the ocean with his love for woodworking. The 3 dimensional pieces of art are not only visually appealing. But, they also stimulate the mind by allowing the observer to actually feel the wave breaking. Nate, who is a self-taught artist, constantly pushes the envelope with new designs, wave styles, and textures honing his new craft and turning out some of the most amazing 3D surf art you have ever seen.

What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion that Nate was seriously considering making a career. Having finished law school and working as an attorney for over six years the path he was about to embark on was no easy decision. But with his grit and perseverance he felt determined to make a living off his passion and share his art with the world.
Here’s a short film “Carving Dreams” highlighting Nathan’s story. I hope that it may provide inspiration for any other fellow artists out there considering taking the path less traveled.