I'm not watching the Fiji Pro. While I really, really like watching great surfing–of which there is spades in the tour–I don’t want to spend the day watching chunky, mediocre waves. I only really watch contests if it’s a super heat, a down-to-the-wire final, or if there are really good waves. I do, however like to watch heat replays. Give me the highlights and let me get on with my day. I assume I’m not alone in that sentiment, which is a worrisome little tidbit about the masses that is a giant wrench in the cog of the WSL’s live webcasts. Today, though, it looks not-too-shabby. Good, even!
So when I watched this replay of Gabriel Medina’s barrel to air-of-Medina-sized proportions, I was excited. Until, that is that I learned that the judges couldn’t even muster up a 7 point ride for him. It came in at a measly 6.97. What the fuck? Considering today’s conditions, I have no idea how this was at least in the excellent range… and I’ll bet there are an awful lot of others that agree with me.
Medina’s been known to claim for points (which, if you ask me, is a judging problem, not a surfing problem). On this particular wave, the most hated/loved surfer on tour did something worthy of a claim, then didn’t give a single flap of his arms. Nothing. And the judges robbed him blind. What would’ve happened if he claimed it?