This is pretty ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous that it’s awesome. The ridiculous part: it’s all just one step closer to the human race turning into those people from Wall-E. Realistically, just about every technological advancement aimed at making the little things more efficient is inching us toward that future. But I’d like to think there’s still a giant gap between Uber Eats and a human dystopia of people living in floating vending machine chairs.
The awesome part: somebody is delivering freaking coffee and donuts to people in the lineup! Sure, some of you will roll your eyes and murmur that the end is near. In the future we’ll tell our kids that we used to have to look up a Starbucks on our pocket sized computers, have said pocket sized computer navigate us toward that Starbucks (preferably without deviating much from the route of our end destination), and order that flat white in a drive through line. It’s quite grueling actually, and it leaves little to no time or energy for actually surfing once you’ve downed your cup of joe. All this and we haven’t even touched on adding donuts into the equation. I love donuts. So these awesome people at Barnett’s Bakery and SurfSliders Cafe got together with their drone and dropped some donuts, a caramel tart and two coffees directly into the morning lineup in Crescent Head. That’s right, a freaking caramel tart. A caramel tart and waves. At the same time. What! Life goals achieved.
And for anybody worried about the implication of giving non edible paper cups to a group of people floating in the middle of the ocean, once all the deliveries were made the same drone was sent back out to the lineup with a plastic bag for collecting trash. Efficient and thoughtful. Chalk one up for the human race.