If I told you there is a Siberian Samoyed dog towing a guy on a skateboard in a town that has never seen snow (Brisbane, Australia), you would probably be in disbelief. I  certainly was when my wife explained what she had just witnessed. It took two weeks to locate the duo. Bowie doesn’t say much and Bowlo is perhaps the most chill dog on Earth. That’s because Siberian Samoyeds are bred to pull sleds and actually care for their owners (they would sleep on top of Siberian native peoples to keep them warm in the winter). You’d think Bowlo would feel out of place, seeing how the dog is more apt to colder climates and Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is on the coast. Not the case. These two outliers are best mates. They live to snowboard the sidewalks together and to get away in Bowie’s van. Simply put, they want to live every moment to its fullest which has inspired me to try and do the same. And to tell their story.