From time to time, I’ll watch an edit by an action sports athlete or outdoorsman and instantly feel like we need to be best friends.This is one of those edits.
David Laffargue is a BASE jumper from Lauterbrunnen, and he and his girlfriend, Heidi, are frequent explorers of Via Ferrata. On one of their many BASE jumping/hiking outings (his girlfriend isn’t one for BASE jumping), they saw a pink polka-dotted iPhone down by the wayside, having apparently been dropped over the ledge. After a whole todo — entertainingly presented in the video above — they rescued it. In an effort to find the owner, they then decided to produce a (hopefully viral) video surrounding the rescue so that a viewer might identify the owner through photos saved to the phone. And it looks like it worked!
Now, onto the cynical comments this video encouraged on YouTube: many people believe it was a setup as there was no password on the phone and many of the pictures included contact information; and they might be right. But the video, contrived or otherwise, is fun and cute and generally well produced and was a enjoyable way to start my workweek. So, in the end, I don’t care — David and I still need to be best friends. Anyone who puts that much effort into a fun project, regardless of circumstances, is fine by me.