The Vans US Open of Surfing hasn’t been a walk in the park for everyone. In his first heat of the event, Julian Wilson was eliminated in less-than-average HB crumble.
A poor showing from the current world number 9, no doubt. But that didn’t stop Julian from taking a minute to humor his fans.
“One heat, one busted board, a few happy groms and that’s me done for the week at the #usopen,” said Julian in a caption for a video on Instagram.
From the looks of it, on his way out of the contest area Julian got ambushed by a trio of casino visor-wearing groms that didn’t hesitate to launch a bid war on one of his coveted shred sleds. Nevermind the unfortunate fact that Julian had just lost a heat on said board – could’ve been bad juju.
To settle the dispute, Julian decided to silence the groms by making a selection and giving the board away – maybe a little reluctantly, but it’s hard to tell.
Let not life get you down, Mr. Wilson. We’ll see you in Tahiti.