We've all seen how proficient Kai Lenny is on the foil. Well, here's Kelly Slater's first wrangle with the strangest board in surfing. Stab-admired lensman Rod Owen was in position to bear witness.
"It was out Namotu lefts on a super glassy afternoon, Kai Lenny was out there with his brother Ridge. Both were ripping on the thing, which is still in the prototype stage. Waves were three-to-four feet with some nice little toobs. Slats rocked up after about an hour of the boys riding it and seemed frothing to have a go. He attempted three waves. To me it showed how much of a talent Kai really is, if the best surfing in history was having issues with this craft..."
"Kai Lenny has us all fooled." Proclaimed Kelly via our Instagram post. "He's a magician on this craft."