July’s been a bit of a dud, especially here in Southern California. But for those singing the post-spring swell blues, there may be relief on the horizon. A slew of tropical storms in the Eastern Pacific are tracking westward and are predicted to bring solid swell to the Hawaiian Islands and North American West Coast.

Tropical Storm Darby, located roughly 750 miles from Hawaii, is expected to bring heavy rain and solid surf to parts of the Islands this weekend.

“With Darby moving into a more moderate wind shear environment but increasingly warmer waters, it is expected to maintain tropical storm status over the next several days,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Kevin Gilmore said. As of today, Darby is predicted to bypass Hawaii to the north, keeping the worst conditions of the storm offshore. Nonetheless, it will bring substantial surf to many parts of the Islands, particularly to the northern-facing shores.

Just behind Darby is Tropical Storm Estelle, located just 585 miles west-southwest of the southern tip of Baja California, Mexico. Although she is expected to weaken as she enters colder water temperatures, Estelle is a considerable storm and will continue to track northwest, bringing solid swell to Baja and much of Southern California, particularly Orange County.

“[It] might possibly be the best one this season so far this season,” said Surfline Lead Forecaster Jonathan Warren.

Wax ’em up, folks. Swell’s a comin’!