Portable showers were initially designed for camping, but they rapidly became popular within the surfing community because of their numerous advantages. Discover the best surf showers in the world.

Once you get a portable shower, you'll realize that you should have tried it a long time ago. After a long marathon of salt water surfing, there's nothing like rinsing yourself off with fresh water. And it becomes more relevant if you're off to work next.
Portable sprayers are also an excellent idea for cold water surfers. They can keep water temperature warm, and will provide you with a very pleasant post-surf experience in those winter days when your feet and hands are frozen.
Finally, portable showers are the perfect desalination solution for wetsuits and boards. You don't need to do it at home, in the bathtub, anymore. Just enjoy your outdoor shower and rinse off your gear.
The fact is that portable showers are relatively inexpensive, and they will dramatically improve the surfing experience, wherever you are. Some models are so handy that you can even put them in a backpack.
The RinseKit is probably the world's best pressurized portable surf shower. It doesn't use batteries and holds up to two gallons (7.5 liters) of water. Get cold or hot water for up to three minutes.
The Nemo Helio has a 2.9-gallon (10.9 liters) capacity, and its easy-to-use foot pump will provide you with steady freshwater pressure for six minutes.
The Advanced Elements 5 is a five-gallon (18.9 liters) premium quality summer shower powered by solar technology. Its durable four-layer construction was designed to ensure optimal heat retention. It also features a water temperature gauge and pockets for shampoo and soap.
The Coleman Camp Shower bag holds five gallons (18.9 liters) of water. Its simple design makes it light and easy to use. It heats water when exposed to the sun.
The Pure Clean Portable Shower features a built-in pump that suctions and filters water from any source (bucket, pool, stream, pond). It can be recharged via USB.
The Razor Reef Portable Surf Shower holds 1.5 gallons (5.6 liters) of water and keeps the water warm all the time. Ten pumps are all you need to enjoy a full shower.