Surfing is a sport of power couples. Jordy, the giant South African powerhouse and Lyndall, the South African supermodel. Coco Ho, women’s world tour stand out and Mark McMorris, the Olympic and X Games medal-winning snowboarder. And then there’s Dane and Courtney.
Dane, of course, first made a name for himself as a grom, eventually came up on the ‘CT, and later transitioned into a free surfing extraordinaire – his blog, Marine Layer Productions, quickly becoming an infrequently updated but incredibly intriguing source of inspiration both for those who prefer to type in all lower case and the web clip junkies. I find myself a part of both camps.
But collectively Dane and Courtney have a huge social media following. Dane’s personal account (@sealtooth) with 191k followers, Courtney’s (@napkinapocalypse) with 41.5k. Not to mention their dog Pam’s account (@pamlovesferrariboys) that has a whopping 35.4k followers.
Now with child, the two decided to formalize their partnership with the tolling of wedding bells. Best wishes to both in their life of matrimony.